A downloadable MASTERPIECE for Windows

Cook Omelettes, smoke, drink, talk, fight, take part in MECH BATTLES and live in rain City!

 Dominique Shade has come to a turning point. Unable to go back to his gangster life and fed up with his family guy routine, he leaves wife and daughter to find meaning in life.  In a town called Rain City, Shade reconnects with his pride, cooking blazing omelettes, helping the folks around, spending time at the bar, battling paranoia and fixing up the COWBOY, a fighter MECH, to support his best friend’s dream: take part in the most awesome MECH turn battle competition that ever was: the FINAL FORTNIGHT!

Install instructions

Unzip it and click on the CORONA BLACK.exe. to play. 

ENTER confirm actions. ESC cancels. Arrows to select options!
Controllers supported!


Corona Black - Battle Demo.zip 36 MB

Development log