A downloadable MASTERPIECE

Talk about life, make deliveries, dig holes, wash cats and battle Mechs in CORONA BLACK'S 2019 DEMO!

In this Demo you get to play as Dominique Shade and prepare for a rematch against Fancy Boy, a mech piloted by Fancy!

You fight turn bsed mech Battles and earn money for repair and upgrades by taking jobs around town!

Discover the stories around Rain City and have a good time!

This is the first demo with the atmosphere we're aiming for. There are still known issues going on and we're working on them! Please let us know your thoughts through the community, we want to make this game the best it can be!

Thank you very much for giving it a try!

Install instructions

Unzip it and click on the CORONA BLACK.exe. to play. 

ENTER confirm actions. ESC cancels. Arrows to select options!
Controllers supported!


Corona Black_2019.zip 387 MB

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